July 21, 2024

Are you tired of your old, outdated recessed medicine cabinet? Or maybe it’s just not providing enough storage space for all your bathroom essentials. Whatever the reason, replacing a recessed medicine cabinet is a simple and affordable way to update your bathroom and add more storage. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of replacing a recessed medicine cabinet, from choosing the right replacement to installation.

Why Replace Your Recessed Medicine Cabinet?

Outdated Design

One of the main reasons people choose to replace their recessed medicine cabinet is because of its outdated design. Many older homes have medicine cabinets that are built into the wall, with a mirrored door and a simple metal frame. While this may have been the standard in the past, it can make your bathroom look dated and uninviting.

Replacing your recessed medicine cabinet with a newer, more modern design can instantly update the look of your bathroom and make it feel more inviting.

Lack of Storage Space

Another common issue with recessed medicine cabinets is that they often don’t provide enough storage space. With the rise of skincare and beauty products, many people find that their medicine cabinet is overflowing and they need additional storage solutions.

Replacing your recessed medicine cabinet with a larger one or one with more shelves can provide you with the extra storage space you need for all your bathroom essentials.

Choosing the Right Replacement

When it comes to choosing a replacement for your recessed medicine cabinet, there are a few things to consider.

Size and Shape

The first thing you’ll need to determine is the size and shape of your new medicine cabinet. Measure the opening in your wall to ensure you choose a replacement that will fit properly. You’ll also want to consider the shape of the cabinet, as some may be rectangular while others may have rounded edges.

Style and Design

Now, consider the style and design when picking out your new medicine cabinet. Are you leaning towards a clean, modern look, or do you prefer something more detailed and decorative? Take a look at the overall vibe of your bathroom and opt for a cabinet that blends in seamlessly.

Storage Capacity

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons for replacing a recessed medicine cabinet is to increase storage space. Make sure to choose a replacement that has enough shelves and storage capacity to meet your needs.


Finally, consider your budget when choosing a replacement. Medicine cabinets can range in price from affordable to high-end, so make sure to choose one that fits within your budget.

Removing the Old Medicine Cabinet

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Before you can install your new recessed medicine cabinet, you’ll need to remove the old one. Here’s how:

  • Empty the contents of your medicine cabinet and remove any shelves or other items inside.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the cabinet in place.
  • Carefully pull the cabinet out of the wall, being careful not to damage the surrounding drywall.
  • Once the cabinet is removed, you may need to patch any holes or damage to the drywall.

Installing the New Medicine Cabinet

  1. Now that you’ve removed the old medicine cabinet, it’s time to install the new one. Here’s how:
  2. Place the new cabinet in the opening in the wall and make sure it fits properly.
  3. Use a level to ensure the cabinet is straight and mark the location of the screw holes on the wall.
  4. Drill pilot holes for the screws and then secure the cabinet in place using the screws provided.
  5. If your new cabinet has shelves, insert them into the cabinet.

Finally, attach the door to the cabinet using the hinges provided.

Affordable Storage Solutions

If you’re looking for additional storage solutions for your bathroom, there are a few affordable options to consider.

Over-the-Toilet Storage

One of the most common storage solutions for bathrooms is over-the-toilet storage. These shelves or cabinets fit over the toilet and provide additional storage space for towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Wall-mounted shelves are another great option for adding storage to your bathroom. These shelves can be installed above the toilet, next to the sink, or anywhere else you have available wall space.

Hanging Baskets

For a more unique storage solution, consider hanging baskets in your bathroom. These can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall and are perfect for storing items like towels, washcloths, and toiletries.

Replacing a recessed medicine cabinet is a simple and affordable way to update your bathroom and add more storage space. By choosing the right replacement and following the installation steps, you can have a new, modern medicine cabinet in no time. And if you need additional storage solutions, there are plenty of affordable options to choose from. So say goodbye to your old, outdated medicine cabinet and hello to a more functional and stylish bathroom.