July 21, 2024
Lee Min-Ho

Lee Min-Ho


Lee Min-Ho: Hello there, we hope that everything has been going well in your life. Are you someone who relies on the Korean celebrities and industry for your entertainment needs? Furthermore, is there any chance you might be aware who Lee Min Ho is? Even if you are not, you will get to know everything about him by the end of this blog. Lastly, were you on the internet specifically searching to know more about him? Well, then you have landed at the right corner of the internet. Indeed, we have got you covered.

Further, in this blog we are going to provide you with a complete and detailed biography of him. While doing so we will try to be as elaborate as we possibly can. Therefore, you are going to learn everything there is to know about him. Surely, along with the information you are also going to get entertained. For the same reasons, please consider reading this till the end. Surely, we will make this worth your time.

Influence of Koreans in the Entertainment industry

Entertainment is something that is loved all around the globe. And, industries from different corners of the world equally participate in making a name for themselves and their artists/celebrities. In the last few years, we all have seen a rise in the number of Korean celebrities. In different areas of entertainment, Koreans are definitely creating a solid place for themselves. For example, the popularity of K-pop and Korean music is through the roof. Furthermore, Korean Actors are also gaining wife recognition and influence in the industry. Evidently, the fans of these celebrities are very dedicated and die hard. In fact, their dedication is known to reach levels of crazy. As we all have witnessed the extreme measures these people are ready to go to all that they can impress their favourite idol or celebrity. All this to say, Koreans are part of the front runners in the world of entertainment.

Who is Lee Min-Ho?

Lee Min-Ho is a South Korean entertainer. Evidently, he was born on 22nd of June 1987. Specifically, his birthplace is Dongjak District, Seoul, South Korea. Currently, he is 36 years old. Professionally, he is a singer, actor and model. He embarked on his journey to entertain others back in the year of 2002. And, he is still active in the scene. Furthermore, MYM Entertainment is the agency/agent that manages him.

Lee Min-Ho: His profile and physical stats

Name: Lee Min-Ho

Hangul: 이민호

Birthdate: June 22, 1987

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 187 cm.

Weight: 71 kg.

Hair colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Blood Type: A

Facebook: OfficialLeeMinho

Instagram: Actorleeminho

Twitter: @actorleeminho

Lee Min-Ho: His influence in the media

Undeniably, over the years Lee had Mahesh to create a solid place for himself in the industry. Along with that comes the fame and recognition. Therefore, he currently has a very strong media presence. For instance, according to our data, he has more than 3 million followers on Twitter (which is now renamed to X). Meanwhile, on another platform named Weibo his audience base is 23 million users strong. Evidently, he also holds the record for being the first Korean individual to gain 20 million followers on Instagram as well as Facebook.

In addition, he was voted as Asian Male God in an online poll which got organised by an entertainment magazine. He was also chosen as the Most Favoured Korean Actor by fans. Lastly, as has been noted he has a very strong presence in the media. Also, with such a large follower base across different platforms, he is also regarded as King of Social Media.

His Career: How did Lee Min-Ho gain his initial recognition?

As has been noted, he started working to be an actor back in 2002. However, he didn’t see a breakthrough in his fame until 2009. Evidently, in 2009, he played the role of Gu Jun-Pyo in “Boys Over Flowers” and this resulted in him getting widespread fame. He recovered a lot of recognition after this role. In fact, at the Baeksang Arts Awards of the same year he won “Best New Actor Award for Television”. Thereafter, his most prominent works include TV series like 2011’s City Hunter, The Heirs in 2013, The legend of the blue sea in 2016 and The King Eternal Monarch in 2020.

However, we cannot sell to forget films like Gangnam Blues of 2015, and Bounty Hunters from 2016. Also, his role in the 2022 Apple TV drama named Pachinko is also very promising and popular. Evidently, he became the first Korean celebrity to have his wax figures made at multiple locations like Madame Tussauds, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Lee Min-Ho: His early life

As has been noted, he was born on 22nd June 1987. Evidently, he was raised by Buddhist parents. Also, he was not born in a very rich family. His family was just able to make ends meet and have the basic necessities. That is why he is said to have humble beginnings.

Also, he was the youngest one of two children in the household. In fact, when he was a child he had wanted to become a professional football player. He was even selected for Cha Bum-Kun’s junior football class while he was studying at Namseong Elementary School. However, when he was in fifth grade, he injured himself in an incident. Thereafter, his dream of becoming a professional football player war ended.  Thereafter, when he was a student at Danggok High School, he started taking interest in acting and modelling. And, no one was able to crush these dreams of his. It is evident what he named to achieve later in his life.

Lee Min-Ho
Lee Min-Ho


This brings us to the end of this blog. Indeed, he is a legendary and iconic personality. No matter which century it is, he will always be remembered for his contributions. We hope that you enjoyed reading this far and got entertained. We also hope you learned interesting facts and found this informative. Lastly, if you are interested in content like this, consider checking out some of our other blogs as well.


– His net worth is estimated to be more than 26 million dollars as of now. However, we can assume that it may be much higher.

– In 2015, Lee donated ₩100 million to UNICEF to aid the victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

– He has a youtube channel named “Leeminho films” and he himself serves as the producer as well as director.

– While filming City Hunter in 2011 he went through a car wreck.

– Lastly, he serves as a public officer for his mandatory military service. And he was discharged on April 25th 2019.

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