June 23, 2024

Did Game of Thrones have you hooked? Well, it definitely would have!

Games of Thrones ruled the world during all of its 8 seasons. Game of Thrones surely made us all indulge in its story from the very first season. Its’ plot, theme, characters, and title music contributed to the thrill of the series. We also cannot leave out the well-written dialogues of the series, which made the audience connect to the show.

Well, if you are missing this one-of-a-kind series, there are similar titles that you can stream. Most are available on various streaming platforms that will get you that “GOT” vibe and keep you entertained. Keep on reading to find an interesting one that you can stream on online streaming sites or get on-demand with your provider.

One recommendation that will enable you to enjoy all the titles on our list is Optimum TV. With its extensive add-ons and video-on-demand features, you can get what you want to watch. You can also stream these shows online with the help of a reliable and smooth internet connection. Read on about the top shows like GOT and find the one that will hook you on, once again.

  1. Spartacus

Year of Release: 2010

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

Starring: Andy Whitfield, Liam McIntyre (the replaced Spartacus), and Lucy Lawless.

Spartacus is an action thriller that revolves around a war field in Rome. Spartacus is a warrior who is ambitious to bring Rome down. Spartacus leads a rebellion alongside thousands of freed slaves. The whole movie revolves around the life of this gladiator. If you are a war-action person, this should be your top pick!

  1. The Serpent Queen

Year of Release: 2022

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

Starring: Samantha Morton, Liv Hill, Sennia Nanua, and Ludivine Sagnier.

The Serpent Queen is a show that revolves around Queen Catherine, telling her life story to a 14-year-old servant girl, Rahima. The Queen reveals how she came to the French Royal Court and all her journey of rising to royalty and becoming the Queen. The show surely shows all the ups and downs, which will keep the audience hooked.

  1. The Sandman

Year of Release: 2022

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

Starring: Tom Sturridge, Mason Alexander Park, Gwendoline Christie, and David Thewlis.

Ever heard of Death, Desire, and Devil as family members themselves? Well, The Sandman portrays it for you. It shows how the Sandman, or the Dream, travels across the world to restore his power after being captured and imprisoned for many years. Based on a comic book, this show features some interesting supernatural elements with a plot twist. The best part of this show is that it features Gwendoline Christie, a Game of Thrones actor, as Lucifer.

  1. The Wheel of Time

Year of Release: 2021

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

Starring: Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henney, and Madeleine Madden.

Based on a book series, The Wheel of Time is an Action Fiction, which is set in a world of fantasy with magic. A woman, called Moiraine, meets a young group of four people, and together they embark on a quest around the world. Dragon is a powerful person who is prophesized that he/she would either save the world or destroy it. Now as Moiraine believes, is any one of those four the incarnation of the Dragon?  Watch this original show on Amazon Prime Video to find out more.

  1. Shadow and Bone

Year of Release: 2021

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

Starring: Jessie Mie Li, Ben Barnes, and Archie Renaux.

The two-seasoned Shadow and Bone revolves around a soldier, Alina, who learns that she possesses a power that would make her kingdom come out of the darkness it has been under for hundreds of years. However, the story isn’t this simple. To accomplish her mission, Alina must fight against the conspiracies of dark forces and the threats of corruption. The recent release of Shadow and Bone’s second season has made the audience excited for what the third season has for them. Are you excited too?

  1. Britannia

Year of Release: 2018

IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

Starring: David Morrissey, Julian Rhind Tutt, and Eleanor Worthington Cox.

Set in 43AD, the Roman Imperial Army time, this show depicts how the Roman Army returns to Britain to destroy the Celtic heart of Britannia. Britannia is a show full of chaos, invasions, thrill, and much more to enjoy. If you are a classic war type person, stream season 1 on Amazon Prime Video today.

Wrapping Up

This article has six amazing picks for you to watch if you are a Game of Thrones fan. Each show has its awesome plot and great videography. Get your screens on, start streaming these options, and re-cherish your “GOT” days.